Summary of the SBA Committee Meetings

Here is a quick wrap of the SBA Committee Meetings for 2020.

January 2020 – no meeting held as the first week of January is a bad time to hold a meeting

February 2020 – these were the main points

March 2020 – we spoke about the following

April 2020 – we didn’t speak at all. COVID struck and we were all scrambling to figure out what was happening

May 2020 – we spoke about the following

June 2020 – we spoke about

  • How the Committee could generate some interest and buzz for Sunbury businesses – and not just the CBD retail area – also including McDougall Road Industrial Estate and the Goonawarra/Killara/Melba strips. This included getting a co-ordinator on the ground to be the arms and legs of the project

July 2020 – the following topics were on the table:

  • Sunbury COVID Testing Clinic had completed 3000 tests. Sunbury Community Health have also noticed a clear increase in traffic on their FB page with COVID related posts.
  • Christmas decorations around the Sunbury CBD and the general mis-understanding in the community about who has done the decorations in the past.
  • Hume City Council’s Business Expansion Grants have now closed.
  • Western Water’s attempts to get the message out to business customers that there is financial assistance similar to domestic customers.
  • The Support Sunbury program has just started with Sharyn Snook being the arms and legs on the ground. FB Page and website are very much as work in progress at the time of the meeting.
  • Sunbury Laneway Project has made some progress. Currently waiting for some details from landlords of affected spaces.
  • A greater than expected number of school artwork submssions were received to decorate some of Sunbury’s utility boxes around Sunbury. Now looking to decorate more boxes to keep more schools happy. Thanks to Western Water for supporting this project
  • The community resolve around the Hi Quality/West Gate Tunnel EcoHub is getting noisy. It was felt as this was more a resident/environmental issue, there was little value in SBA being active in this venture.

August 2020 – the following topics “Zoomed” around the committee:

  • Sunbury Laneway Project update with works to commence shortly.
  • Hume City Council’s response to our query about Christmas decorations.
  • The Support Sunbury program has 69 businesses signed up. One business was rejected as it was greater than 10 km from Sunbury. The idea of a professional photographer is a problem with COVID restrictions.
  • Discussion was around the updating of the SBA Model Rules to bring it in line with the standard of similar Associations
  • Sunbury Community Heath reported on their involvement in providing mental health support to Sunbury residents if they contact the DHHS Support Line.
  • Western Water reported that they have hundreds of private customers on financial support plans, but very few businesses have requested help.

September 2020 – the following topics were on the table:

October 2020 – a positive meeting that kicked the can around these subjects:

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