As a result of the Alliance, and as a current SBA member, you will receive a complimentary membership to the Victorian Chamber at no additional cost for the life of your SBA membership. So, when you renew your SBA membership year on year, you will receive a Victorian Chamber membership as well.

The Alliance has been formed to give greater reach to the local Sunbury Business community.

Together the SBA and Victorian Chamber will:

  • Increase the business voice in the Sunbury region: as a direct result of the Alliance, member volume will allow SBA the capability to advocate in a greater capacity on behalf of our combined members.
  • Increase the variety of events: members will be given greater opportunities to network in different settings.
  • Provide greater business promotion avenues: members will have a broader group in which to network and promote their brand.
  • Increase resources and training programs: with a greater number of members within the Sunbury region, members will now have greater access to the knowledge, support and tools needed to grow their business. The opportunity to belong to the leading business organisation in the Sunbury Region and be more connected locally.

As an Alliance, SBA and the Victorian Chamber, can be far more effective in supporting your business and we believe that you as business owners can achieve even better value from services and events offered by both organisations.
To get a better perspective on what this alliance can offer you, please visit the VCCI site:

To ensure you receive your VCCI Alliance membership moving forward, please complete the attached SBA membership application form where you simply provide your contact details and  tick the appropriate box and return the form to me.

We announced the newly formed Alliance between the Sunbury Business Association (SBA) and the Victorian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Victorian Chamber) in 2016  – see attached media release