Members Benefit and SAVE

By supporting the SBA, you are supporting business and job-growth in Sunbury, which benefits our whole Community.

SBA Members enjoy many Benefits and Savings, including:

  • Attend before 9 & after 5 business networking events for free.
  • Opportunity to join business network groups Sunbury Women in Business and Sunranges.
  • Input into SBA & how it provides support for Sunbury business & community.
  • Regular contact with a representative of the SBA to have your say and ask questions.
  • Conduit to Hume City Council regarding barriers and opportunities for your business.
  • Discounted education & business events.
  • Business profile on SBA website.
  • Features + advertising on the Facebook pages.

Knowledge Events

Priority access & registration to a range of knowledge-based events, including;

  • Expert-Speaker presentations
  • Business information
  • Government and regulatory updates & impacts
  • Business Management
    • Team building
    • Managing staff
    • Workplace Safety
    • Developing policies and procedures
  • Using Websites & Social Media to grow your business
  • Other topics as identified by Member feedback and Surveys
  • Business events offered by Partners including the Victorian Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Business Promotion & Exposure opportunities

Promote and grow your Business via;

  • Networking events
    • Meet and interact with Business peers & mentors
    • Meet and promote yourself at Consumer & Community events
  • Sponsorship promotional opportunities
    • SBA event Sponsorships
    • Partner event Sponsorships
    • Website & Communications Sponsorships
  • Marketing & Advertising
    • Participation in SBA co-ordinated & targeted campaigns
  • SBA Preferred Supplier relationships
    • Your Business is promoted as a “preferred supplier”
  • SBA endorsement
    • Your Business must adhere to SBA ethics policy
    • You can use SBA logo on your Business promotional material

Advocacy and Representation

If you’re frustrated with having no “voice” as a single Business, then the SBA can help you to be heard by joining our collective “Voice”.

  • Researched, mandated & bi-partisan Policy Statements relating to issues impacting Sunbury
  • Media Partnerships to make us heard
  • Relationships with Governments and regulators to encourage communication and participation in policy development

Cost Savings

Members receive attractive discounts that easily exceed the cost of Membership, including;

  • Discounted attendance at Events
  • Discounts on Sponsorship programs for SBA Events, Website, and Communications initiatives
  • Discounts from SBA Media Partners for print & radio advertising & sponsorships
  • Discounted Memberships with Partner Organisations
  • Discounts on goods & services from other SBA Members are soon to be announced

 Membership Categories and Costs

The SBA is a private, Not-for-Profit group, funded by Membership & Sponsorships.   Memberships are tax-deductable and inexpensive, at around $1 to $4 per week.


Member TypeEligibilityCost per/annum
Inc. GST
Individual / Small Business / Not For Profit

Home-based or sole-trader business with no employees or contractors. Community partner representatives


Medium Business

1 - 9 Staff or Contractors


Large Business10+ Staff or Contractors$132.00
Sunbury Women in BusinessSBA Membership$22
Sunranges Business NetworkSBA Membership$55 per quarter

Help us to help you, by joining the SBA today!

  • All new Memberships subject to approval from Membership Committee
  • All Members must abide by SBA Ethics Policy.  Policy available on request
  • Memberships valid for 12 months, renewable each financial year.  Members joining through the year can request a pro-rata membership dependent on the financial quarter they join