Ethics, Integrity and Community Values are important qualities to the Sunbury Business Association and should be reflected in the conduct of SBA Members.  

The SBA is committed to promoting the highest standards of customer service, workmanship and business conduct, and full compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, codes and standards.

A strong Code of Ethics benefits the SBA, its Members, and Sunbury’s regional community by;
  • Encouraging Members to conduct themselves Ethically and with Integrity
  • Enabling SBA Members to promote themselves as being party to the SBA Code of Ethics, including use of SBA logo
  • Encouraging Consumers, Community Members, and other SBA Members to choose SBA Members as Ethical Suppliers & Business Partners
Code of Ethics

This Code has been designed to comply with Australian Standard AS4269-1995 on Complaints Handling and Australian Standard AS 3806-1998 on Compliance Programs.

This Code of Ethics applies to Members of the Sunbury Business Association. It is the duty of every Member to comply with this Code, and to take all reasonable steps to ensure that their associates and employees do not commit any act or make any omission which would be a breach of this Code if committed by the Member.

This Code applies to all commercial dealings by Members with fellow Members, suppliers, customers and with the public generally. It also applies to the obligations of Members under the Constitution of the Association.

This Code aims to;
  • (a) promote the highest standards of customer service, competence, workmanship and conduct by Members of the SBA;
  • (b) provide guidelines to Members on best practice for the marketing, costing and supply of services to the public;
  • (c) establish a simple and effective complaints handling and disputes resolution procedure, with appropriate sanctions for breaches of this Code;
  • (d) through responsible self-regulation, complement and enhance existing laws and codes governing Members; and
  • (e) strengthen the competitive edge of Members of the Association by assuring customers and suppliers that they have the right to expect the highest standards at all times.

All Members of the Association must agree to be bound by the SBA Code of Ethics, under which they shall at all times conduct their business so as to;

  • (a) provide products and services with competence, fairness, value, honesty and integrity;
  • (b) ensure that all products and services they provide are delivered as advertised, and that all claims made are genuine;
  • (c) ensure that standards of workmanship are provided as promised to the customer, in accordance with appropriate industry practice for the class of work concerned, and in a manner which shall enhance the reputation of the industry;
  • (d) use their best endeavours to ensure compliance with the Code by all partners, associates, employees and contractors, to the extent that the Code applies to them; and
  • (e) avoid any action which might bring the Association and its Members into disrepute.

Individuals or Businesses found to be in breach of the Code are ineligible for SBA Membership.  Breaches may result in suspension, cancellation or refusal of Membership, at the sole discretion of the SBA Committee after investigation and adjudication of legitimate complaints.