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The Sunbury Business Association has a number of working-Committees,with each having a scope of responsibilities.

Our Committees are comprised of volunteers who generously provide their time, expertise and enthusiasm for the many initiatives undertaken by the SBA.  If you'd like to help, please contact us about volunteering on a Committee.

The Chairperson of each Committee represents their Committee on the SBA Board.

Membership & Sponsorship Committee

Chairperson - TBA

Committee Members - TBA


  • To increase Membership numbers and income
  • To increase Sponsorship participation and income
  • To engage and support new, existing and potential Members & Sponsors
  • To facilitate Member & Stakeholder feedback into SBA activities

Events Committee

Chairperson - TBA

Committee Members - TBA


  • Identify Member & Community needs for inclusion into Event formats
  • To develop and manage an Events Program
  • To identify Community and Partner events, and support select Community & Partner events
  • Scheduling, planning, booking and managing Events
  • To support a Community Event Calendar

Community Engagement Committee

Chairperson - TBA

Committee Members - TBA


  • To engage and develop Partnerships with Community, Business and Regulatory Stakeholders
    • Business & Industry groups
    • Resident & Action groups
    • Community groups
    • Social & Sporting groups
    • Media Partners
    • Partner Organisations
    • Government & Regulatory organisations
  • Development of a Community & Partner Register
  • Facilitate Stakeholder feedback into SBA activities
  • Liase with Media Partners to inform and engage Community Stakeholders

Policy & Advocacy Committee 

Chairperson - TBA

Committee Members - TBA


  • Develop a mandated Policy and Advocacy Program that provides a “Voice” to the Sunbury Business Community
    • Identifying Business & Stakeholder issues
    • Researching and quantifying issues
    • Developing informed, mandated, bi-partisan Policy Statements
    • Developing diplomatic relationships with Regulatory bodies
    • Developing relationships with Media Partners
    • Preparing Media Releases and making Media comment as required

Communications Committee

Chairperson - TBA

Committee Members - TBA


  • To develop Communications Strategies that incorporate multiple platforms including;
    • Website
    • Online & Social Media
    • Promotional and advertising
    • Sponsorship
    • Media Partners 
  • To increase Membership, Sponsorship and support of SBA, Partner and Community initiatives by;
    • Increasing awareness of SBA Events and Advocacy initiatives
    • Increasing Community Engagement

Ethics Committee

Chairperson - SBA President, Mr Michael Osborne

Committee Members - SBA President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Committee Chairperson.  Expert legal or specialist advice available as required


  • To ensure that SBA and its Members adhere to the highest ethical standards
  • To ensure that SBA Members understand and comply with the SBA Code of Ethics
  • To investigate and adjudicate legitimate complaints, as required


The Sunbury Business Association is fortunate to have the following Business Professionals volunteer their time and expertise to the Board.

Executive Directors;

Non-Executive Directors (Alphabetically)

Non-Director Advisors


The Sunbury Business Association appreciates the support received from its Sponsors.  These symbiotic partnerships benefit all parties by providing excellent promotional exposure to Sponsors while funding important SBA initiatives. 


Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsorship of the SBA provides Sponsors with opportunities to;

  • Develop Brand Awareness
  • Promote a product or service
  • Educate or inform the Sunbury Community
  • Support other advertising by your Business in the Region
  • Create a "call to action" for consumers
  • Develop an identity as a good Corporate Citizen


Sponsors benefit from promotional exposure to;

  • Business decision-makers
  • Consumers and Community members
  • Partners, Media and other attendees

....from a diverse range of Business and Community sectors in the Sunbury Region


Who are our Members, Partners and Guests?

After reading About Us, you'll see that the SBA represents Large, Medium, Small and Home-based Businesses throughout Sunbury, including;

  • Tourism, hospitality, accommodation, restaurants & cafes
  • Automotive
  • Business Services
  • Personal Services
  • Health and Community services
  • Education & Training
  • Manufacturing, Construction
  • Transport, Logistics & Warehousing
  • Real Estate, Property Services, Maintenance

...and more!

The SBA also enjoy partnerships with regional Community, Sporting, Social and Residential organisations and have strong Media Partnerships with print & radio Partners


Sponsorship packages are available for;

  • Website only
  • Single Events
  • Multiple Events, or
  • Annual Sponsorships

Event-based Sponsorships can be structured to your objectives and budget, and may include promotional opportunities including;

  • Sponsor Logo & weblink on SBA Website
  • SBA pre-event promotions
    • SBA Website, email, advertising & signs
    • Partner websites & promotional material
    • Media-Partner event coverage
  • Event-day promotions, including
    • Banner & Sign Displays
    • Display on Sponsor Tables
    • Gifting of promotional items to attendees
    • Sponsor recognition by
      • Master of Ceremony 
      • Sponsor logo projections & displays
      • Sponsor speaking opportunities ranging between 60-180 seconds
  • Event tickets and tables for guests, partners, colleagues and employees

For more information, please contact us!

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Welcome to the Sunbury Business Association

Welcome to the Sunbury Business Association!

As the leading Business Support and Advocacy body in the Sunbury region, the SBA facilitates the success and growth of Business and employment in Sunbury via;

  • Business-growth opportunities including networking, promotional and sponsorship activites
  • Informing, educating and up-skilling Business Owners & Managers via meetings, seminars, peer-networking and newsletters
  • Engaging Community stakeholders including Residential, Social & Sporting, Community Support, Business & Industry, Government & Regulatory, and Media
  • Encouraging Sunbury residents to Shop in Sunbury via coordinated media & promotional campaigns

With so much planned for 2016, please spend time looking around our website.

As we are only as strong as those who support us, please also consider joining the Sunbury Business Association as a Member, Sponsor or Volunteer.


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