Sunbury Community Health

Building strong social fabric and wellbeing across our community

“We believe that People matter. We build everybody’s wellbeing by supporting strong, connected families and communities.”

Sunbury Community Health is a not-for-profit community health organisation, providing a range of services that respond to the needs of Sunbury and its surrounding communities.

From services for families and children such as Our Village Family Childcare to services that cater for our aged population such as  Sunbury Lions Community Aged Care facility in Timins St.

We care about the health of our community, as an entire population. We are concerned not just about ill-health and treatment of disease, but about the factors that actually predict whether someone is healthy, like strong families, social cohesion and mental health, as well as the prevalence of risks such as obesity, tobacco, alcohol and drug use, family violence, problem gambling, and vulnerabilities that come from low incomes or ageing.

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