Western Water

Supporting local businesses and residents to Choose Tap

Western Water is Sunbury’s water and sewer service provider, providing clean, healthy drinking water and effective sewer services to businesses and homes across the region.

Our core aims as a business include contributing to a highly liveable, viable region and delivering value for our customers.

We support local cafes and restaurants with our Choose Tap program, which encourages people to choose fresh tap water over bottled water or sweet drinks.

Each business that signs up to the program receives free glass water bottles for their tables and information for staff and customers. More than 15 Sunbury cafes and restaurants are part of the program.

The Choose Tap program also supports local employers, providing free drinking water bottles to staff to help keep employees healthy and reduce waste.

We have installed Choose Tap drinking water fountains in Sunbury’s Village Green and O’Shanassy Street, and continue to work with Hume City Council on more opportunities for drinking fountains to support a healthy community.

Western Water is one of Sunbury’s biggest employers, with 145 full-time and 26 part-time employees, many of whom are local residents.