SBA Business Breakfast

Friday 30th June 2017

SBA Business Breakfast and Website Launch

The next Sunbury Business Association Breakfast is being held on Friday 30th June 2017 (on the last day of the finacial year – we couldn’t get more business geeky if we tried).

The morning is arranged by the Sunranges Business Collective, the SBA’s networking and education group that meet fortnightly at the Clarke Oval Pavilion.  Members of the Collective will be there on the morning.

Our special guest is George Osborne (Hume CC Economic Development) who will be speaking about the Global Learning Centre as well as the Hume Business Awards. George will be available to answer any questions about the awards and to entice you along, he is also sponsoring the Sacco Coffee Cart, so grab a latte on your way in.

As mentioned (and as promised at the SBA Dinner), the new Sunbury Business Association website will also be launched.  SBA members will be encouraged to use the site to promote their business to the Sunbury and surrounding communities.

Krash & Co are again catering and thanks also goes to Graham Smith from Green Link Solar for chipping in towards the breakfast bill.

Catering will be available from 7.00, the official bit of the morning will start at 7.30 but we promise you will be free to go well before 9.00am to start your Friday on time.

Naturally, if coffee and breakfast sounds more enticing than your computer screen and desk – stay and swap some business cards.  We won’t be kicking you out that quickly.

The morning is free to SBA members (please use the code 30062017 to get your discount) and any non-members that pay can get their 2017-2018 membership sorted out on the morning.  Just contact any of the SBA committee members at the breakfast.

Also, a small request to the companies with SBA membership: As the breakfasts are limited to 50 attendees, it would be great if you just sent a couple of representatives, so there are more tickets to go round.  Thanks for understanding.
Sunbury Football Pavilion
Clarke Oval Reserve
Riddell Road
Sunbury, VIC 3429

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