The Sunbury Business Association is fortunate to have the following Business Professionals volunteer their time and expertise to the Board.

Executive Committee;

General Committee (Alphabetically)

Our Working Committees:

Membership & Sponsorship Committee

Chairperson – Darryl Van Rooy

Committee Members – TBA


  • To increase Membership numbers and income
  • To increase Sponsorship participation and income
  • To engage and support new, existing and potential Members & Sponsors
  • To facilitate Member & Stakeholder feedback into SBA activities

Events Committee

Chairperson – Ron Blackmore

Committee Members – TBA


  • Identify Member & Community needs for inclusion into Event formats
  • To develop and manage an Events Program
  • To identify Community and Partner events, and support select Community & Partner events
  • Scheduling, planning, booking and managing Events
  • To support a Community Event Calendar

Community Engagement Committee

Chairperson – Bernadette Hetherington

Committee Members – TBA


  • To engage and develop Partnerships with Community, Business and Regulatory Stakeholders
    • Business & Industry groups
    • Resident & Action groups
    • Community groups
    • Social & Sporting groups
    • Media Partners
    • Partner Organisations
    • Government & Regulatory organisations
  • Development of a Community & Partner Register
  • Facilitate Stakeholder feedback into SBA activities
  • Liase with Media Partners to inform and engage Community Stakeholders

Policy & Advocacy Committee

Chairperson – Mark Botten

Committee Members – TBA


  • Develop a mandated Policy and Advocacy Program that provides a “Voice” to the Sunbury Business Community
    • Identifying Business & Stakeholder issues
    • Researching and quantifying issues
    • Developing informed, mandated, bi-partisan Policy Statements
    • Developing diplomatic relationships with Regulatory bodies
    • Developing relationships with Media Partners
    • Preparing Media Releases and making Media comment as required

Marketing & Communications Committee

Chairperson – Rayelle Morrison

Committee Members – TBA


  • To develop Communications Strategies that incorporate multiple platforms including;
    • Website
    • Online & Social Media
    • Promotional and advertising
    • Sponsorship
    • Media Partners
  • To increase Membership, Sponsorship and support of SBA, Partner and Community initiatives by;
    • Increasing awareness of SBA Events and Advocacy initiatives
    • Increasing Community Engagement

Ethics Committee

Chairperson – SBA President, Mr Michael Osborne

Committee Members – SBA President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Committee Chairperson.  Expert legal or specialist advice available as required


  • To ensure that SBA and its Members adhere to the highest ethical standards
  • To ensure that SBA Members understand and comply with the SBA Code of Ethics
  • To investigate and adjudicate legitimate complaints, as required