About Sunbury Women in Business

Sunbury Womens Association goes PinkSunbury's Women in Business (WiB) networking group is part of the Sunbury Business Association (SBA).

Our goal is to help women to enter and succeed in the workforce by offering opportunities to meet, network and develop relationships with similarly minded women.  We provide a relaxed and professional environment to share stories and lessons about overcoming challenges and discovering new opportunities.

Members and guests will benefit from expert speakers and presenters, plus the mentoring and guidance opportunities from our leadership group.

Our Members include women from diverse educational and career backgrounds, from a range of businesses including home-based, small, medium and large employers.

We also partner with other business groups including the Sunbury Business Association to broaden our reach and engagement within the larger business community.

We meet regularly at local popular venues that offer ambience, good food and drinks, and a great environment to relax and enjoy the company of other Women in Business. Most events are free or have a small cover-charge to cover costs.


Feedback from women who attended our 2015 events include that bi-monthly get-togethers are preferred, where opportunity is made at each event for people to meet, mingle and connect

Get togethers will alternate between: (i) 10.30am for coffee/morning tea; and (ii) drinks/nibbles from 6pm.

The first event of 2016 is a networking event at Valley Cellardoor in Sunbury.

As most events are free or at minimal cost, we urge attendees to ‘bring a friend’ to each event

Find Us

You can always find out about us here at the SBA, or

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Sunbury-Women-in-Business-1669619486633770/  Please "Like" us!

Linked-In - https://www.linkedin.com/groups/7043641  Please join our group 



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